Thursday, April 30, 2009

Star Trek Uniform and More Retreat Blocks!

Three more blocks arrived today from the USA :-) Beautiful floral fabric.

Thank you!

Now I'm off to continue sewing a Star Trek uniform for my 11 yo son who wants to look like Captain Archer on Enterprise. We found some blue velour in my stash and have chosen a jacket and leggings pattern from Ottobre. I've sewn two zipped patch pockets on the front and some yellow grosgrain ribbon over one shoulder and sleeve, I will have to get some more tomorrow for the other shoulder, I knew I should have bought extra! Here's a sneak preview :-)

We found a Space Shuttle badge and J used my machine's alphabet function to embroider "ENTERPRISE" on the badge, which is now sewn onto the left sleeve.


  1. You are getting quite a collection of the blocks. They look great can't wait till you put them all together .
    I admire your sewing skills. IS your son going to see the new Star trek movie? I suppose it will be rated too high for him to see it? The previews look interesting.

  2. The blocks are so nice and the Star Trek jacket is wonderful!

  3. Oh, how cute! I'm glad to see someone from the next generation interested in Star Trek. How sophisticated he must be if he wants to look like Captain Jonathan Archer!