Monday, April 13, 2009

Long Tall throw without borders

I've finished sewing the strips together for the Long Tall quilt top!! This is the throw size which is about 40"x60" at the moment. I'll be adding two borders, an inner border (1 1/2") and an outer border (6 1/2"). If I have enough fabric I thought I'd use the silver/black glitter accent fabric for the inner border and the background fabric for the outer border. Anyway I'll work that out during my next sewing session, time for a break .
The strips really had to be trimmed accurately to construct this top neatly, boy oh boy, spent a bit of time unpicking bits and pieces for this one and re-cutting some of the uneven strips (I bought the class kit!). It was an interesting logistics puzzle working out how to combine the strips to make the blocks and then to arrange the blocks so that the colours worked well. Relieved I've made it through to this stage, phew :-).

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