Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Costume Maker's online magazine

I gasped with delight when I found this amazing historical costume while surfing online today!!! See More pictures here. I was revisiting a Canberra Costume Maker's website, Earthly Delights as I had noticed an ad in the National Folk Festival program. I actually donated my beloved old Janome sewing machine to Aylwen G through freecyclecanberra and love to think of it enjoying it's retirement sewing historical costumes :-). She had a link to an on-line magazine called Your Wardrobe Unlock'd, the Costume Maker's companion, an online magazine for everyone who's passionate about historical clothing. There is a single pattern project readers can participate in and this is the pattern chosen. I'm in !!! Wow deep inside there's a definitely frustrated costume maker trying to get out ;-)


  1. Oh my, how lovely. I unfortunately don't have a waist small enough (never have) for such a delightful outfit as that :)

  2. Gorgeous, I have issues taking up hems let alone something so complicated. Looks like a great challenge.

  3. That is incredible! It is amazing that anyone could make something that intricate.