Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long Tall and Rail Fence Swap

Quilt class on Friday night was fun, we were walked through the construction of a strip quilt pattern from Cozy Quilts called Long Tall, then we got to go shopping :-) The fabrics in the class strip pack were lovely so I only needed to choose background and accent fabric. I opted for a dark rather than light background because I love the combination of rainbow colours and black. The colours pop! I tend to like fabrics with images from nature so chose an ivy leaf pattern, it also softened the blackness a little. I thought a glitter accent fabric would be a striking contrast between the black background and the bright coloured strips, and it looks like ripples in a pond.

There were enough strips in the class pack to make a twin size quilt but I've decided to make the throw instead, I'm more likely to finish a smaller quilt ;-) So I had fun selecting the fabrics to use and grouping them into low, medium and high contrast, as shown below.

I'm participating in a Rail Fence swap on my QuiltingForAll yahoo group, and was able to select suitable strips from the rest of the class strip pack to use in the Rail Fence blocks due this month. There are 11 members participating and each has requested a personal colour combination for the blocks and will receive 10 blocks in the month they are drawn (2 members drawn per month). I made a cream, rust and charcoal block for a member in the UK and a cream, lavender and pink block for a member in the US. Oops I'm sorry I forgot to take photos before sending them!

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  1. Just commenting on your lovely background..well done..hugs Khris