Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday J

My youngest was born on Easter Sunday and this year is the first time his birthday has fallen on Easter Sunday again. He says this is the 'best year of his life' which is just lovely to hear! He was really looking forward to being able to eat chocolate easter eggs for breakfast this morning on his birthday, LOL! He enjoys his soccer and was over the moon about being picked for the Under 11 Div 1 Gold team for his club this season, yahoo!

J is a very creative little fellow, thought I'd share a few of his designs.

Here is a lego bag he designed and helped sew, it includes a pocket for the instruction book and another for the lego pieces plus a handle.

Here's his gun shoulder holster

Here's his quidditch cape, he loved these two fabrics and definitely wanted a hood and a button. Not sure why the rocket badge ended up there but it had to go on, LOL.

Here's his ninja outfit, I was sure it was going to be too hard to make but he took me through step by step and got what he wanted ;-)

Some of his friends like AFL, so he wanted a roos top. He has number 29 on the back, can't remember which player that is. We had fun deciding where to place the blue vertical stripes, white background with paint splashes was acceptable for the white part of the shirt ;-).
Being a fan of Star Trek he just had to have a uniform (this is Capt Picard)!

Happy Birthday J

with love and hugs from Mum!!!


  1. Happy birthday to your 'baby'.
    Looks like he has given you plenty of inspiration for costumes. You are such a good mum!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you all have a wonderful celebration!