Saturday, April 18, 2009

Costumer's Eye Candy

Before heading off bed just had to share photos from an auction site I found while surfing the net today. These are my favourite 3 items going up for auction later this month (links are provided below) If only...

Lavender Brocade Reception Gown, c.1870 The rich fabric and beautiful details on this dress blow me away!

White Afternoon Dress, c.1860 I love the purple on white and the pretty bows, looks like an old fashioned picnic dress :-)

Rose Silk Sack-Back Open Robe, 1770-1785

Looks like the flowers have been painted onto the fabric in the style commonly used on wood crafts these days! Look at the lace and the ruched curves, wow!


  1. these dresses are just magnificent. The work that has gone into them is incredible. /can you imagine being lucky enough to have had somewhere to wear them. gorgeous

  2. The dresses are incredible! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. Ohh, they are wonderful. The lavender one in particular caught my eye.