Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sewing Plans

I have lots of sewing plans, I'm not sure how I'm going to fit it all in!

I'm participating in a Sewing With a Plan activity with my Ottobre-English group. Here are the first and second completed steps, choosing designs and fabrics.

What else...
- I have a big bag full of penne crushed velvet to make capes for the school's Spring Fair in November.
- I have 3 more Rail Fence blocks to make in August/Sept for a swap with my Quilting For All group.
- I have Pay It Forward gifts to create for two lovely on-line friends, by March 2010, already moving along.
- My 3 kids need new pants to keep them warm this winter (hopefully before spring arrives!). I've traced one pattern for each of them and have the right fabric to make at least one each. J prefers track pants, O prefers canvas pants and E prefers jeans, variety the spice of life :-).
- the dogs still need more bedding.

Now if only work didn't get in the way I'd be set ;-)!


  1. What lovely plans! Have fun with them all!

  2. It is so inconvenient to have to work, isn't it. Work spoils a lot of my plans too.
    Looks like you are not short of inspiration at the moment.