Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cloud Appreciation

Totally off topic tonight! I just found the most wonderful website run by the Cloud Appreciation Society. I love unusual cloud formations and this site is full of amazing cloud photos.

Have a look at the spookiest clouds I've ever seen, Asperatus (taken in Scotland) and to make you smile again a Fumulus Snail (taken in Wales).

Thought I'd share two of my own favourite cloud photos.

This was taken at home in Canberra in 2008. I think it is called a tabletop cloud.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this cloud formation on a trip to Fraser Island in 2007. Now that I have looked through the Cloud Appreciation Society website I think it is called a 'Fallstreak Hole'. Awesome!

Hope you've enjoyed something a little different :-)

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  1. Fascinating! I had no idea there was a cloud appreciation website. Just last night I saw a really cool cloud that looked just like a winged dragon. It looked so real. I should have taken a picture.