Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catching Up

I made a skirt for myself recently which I'd like to share with you. The main fabric was given to me by a generous work colleague, leftovers from a skirt she made for herself, a very pretty embroidered fabric. There were quite a few wedge shaped pieces which worked really well for a 10 gore skirt design from Ottobre Woman.

Do you like the fun little secret touch inside, lining remnants! Feels like my own secret carnivale skirt :-). Would you believe DD(16) saw it and asked if she could borrow it and wear it inside out, LOL!!!

I would really love to make this skirt again but without the contrasting hem band. I much preferred the drape of the skirt before the hem band was sewn on, it seems to hold the skirt out making the biggest part of my body look more voluminous!


  1. it is a really lovely skirt.Great job!

  2. You are a clever girl! Hearing you talking '10 gore skirt' takes me back to year 10 sewing classes. One day I may take the plunge and sew something for myself, just need to be as enthusiastic about sewing as I am about patchwork. lol