Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time to Walk

My Christmas present from mum for the past two years has been a subscription to the Healthy Food Guide magazine which comes monthly. I plan most of my weekly menus using the recipes in the magazine and find many of the articles really interesting reading.

This month there is an HFG 10 week walking plan to help us get fit. I'm going to make the effort as I've been quite sedentary for the past 6 months while recovering from a shoulder injury after an awkward fall and my body is starting to wobble ;-). The first day is 3 10 minute walks. Well I walked for 10 minutes at lunchtime yesterday, not quite enough. This morning I walked the dog for 10 minutes and I plan to walk for 10 minutes at lunchtime again and then after work tonight. It seems funny to have to work myself up to 3 10 minute walks in one day!!!

Here's a picture of Gus, our gorgeous Curly Coated Retriever who thoroughly enjoyed his brisk walk this morning.


  1. Found your blog while googling. Gus is lovely! I have two curlies and do patchwork too! You have good taste in dogs and hobbies.
    good luck with your walking plan.

  2. Well enjoy your walks....At least you have a cute cute companion.