Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rock Star

In Feb 09 I attended my first Friday night strip club with Barry (sounds a bit seedy doesn't it, LOL!) at my local patchwork shop. The next one is this Friday April 3 (they're only held once every two months) so I thought I'd share my progress on the first pattern, Rock Star from Cozy Quilts.
A class pack of strips was supplied and we were able to choose our own light and dark background fabrics, mine are pumpkin and dark green. The construction was really clever, not as complicated as it looks! This pattern has shown me how to put together blocks 'on point' too.

The top is finished with a narrow inner border and a wider outer border, I thought the green Dancing Bugs fabric was perfect for the outer border.

With the left overs I've made up a diamond of mixed stars and pieced a border in alternating pumpkin and green. I've purchased some orange Dancing Bugs fabric for the outer border but have yet to add it.
I was thinking of using this on the back of the quilt but I think it would make a cute smaller quilt and I could just put some plain quilt backing on both and get more value for money, perhaps even donate one to charity.
Looking forward to Friday :-) Sneak preview of the next strip club pattern.


  1. The quilt is so colorful...It is really stunning!

  2. I am really impressed with this project and love the way it looks.....can't wait to see what you get done at the next class!