Monday, May 18, 2009

Eurovision Family Fun

We've been watching Eurovision as a family together since 2004, it's great fun!! We prepare comment and scoring sheets which we fill in as we view the performances. There are many disagreements regarding scores and comments which can get somewhat heated but it's all in fun ;-). Aggregating our scores these were our top 5:


My favourite songs were
Estonia - beautiful combination of voice and cello
Norway - cheeky lad, cute song with character
Albania - catchy tune and I enjoy songs in the lower range.
Please ctrl click on the links to listen :-)

Seeing as I love to sew clothes I thought it might be fun to award some unofficial Eurovision 2009 Costume Prizes!!

My Favourite and the Most Co-ordinated Ensemble
Estonia - the beautiful blue fabric looked great as a feature fabric in each outfit, all different styles

The one I'd most like to study close-up
Armenia - with it's layers of velvet and silver detail

Most Beautiful Fabric
Cyprus - white with delicate gold detail

Prettiest Feathers and Frills
Iceland - tastefully frilly

Most Leg Flattering
Albania - pretty prom feel to this one

Best Corsetry
Germany - I'm sure I've only ever seen that shape in cartoons before!

Most Scantily Clad
Ukraine's Roman Gladiators - couldn't get any shorter could it!

Easiest Costume To Make
Russia - rectangle of fabric gathered with elastic, what the ... !!

Put On Your Sunnies!
Netherlands - wow, glitter suits

Wardrobe Malfunction
Greece - looked ridiculous with his hairy belly popping out as he gyrated ;-)

Wooden Spoon
Czech Republic - I just don't get the caped crusader look

On Stage Costume Changes
Hungary - from suits to barely anything ;-)

Feel free to share your favourite songs and costume prizes :-)


  1. Wow, we also spent the weekend watching the Eurovision marathon. We love it but I must admit the older boys don't have the same enthusiasm they used to! I was a little disappointed with the result but that's Eurovision.
    Love your detailed comments.
    The song that keeps popping into my head is Portugal's. I loved the tune. I also like the Armenian entry and the Red army choir singing, just love choral singing.
    I also prefer songs sung in their native tongue.

  2. We watched it too! It is always fun to watch, even though Ireland did not qualify.